by ImagemPublicitária Trasco Bremen Armoring & Imports          STORE: (11) 2574-7589   ARMORING: (11) 2893-5333 Trasco Bremen Armoring & Imports © 2012 All Rights Reserved. Vehicle armoring is the name given to the balistic protection installed in motor vehicles, with the objective of protecting its occupants against gun fire. The company specialized in this conversion is called na armoring company. With around 2500m2, Trasco Bremen’s armoring company has been designed takng into account automotive engineering principles that improve productivity and the quality of the finished product. We offer state of the art technology and armoring procedures, producing vehicles that are both safe and with beautifully finished. In theory, any vehicle can be armored. There is only a restriction as to how much additional weight any given model is able to carry, without significantly losing performance. There are several levels of protection in vehicle armoring. To choose what’s best for you, please see a specialist. Before aquiring the armoring convertion for your vehicle or your family’s vehicle, please note the following importante tips.:   1. Demand to see the armoring company’s permits. They need to show you a permit from the Brazilian Army and the State Police, as well as the official Technical Report (RETEX) of all materials utilized. 2. Visit the facilities where the convertion takes place. Check out the organization, cleanliness and the general structure. 3. Ask about procedures: how are the parts stored? What quality tests are performed? 4. Be careful when choosing the level of protection! There are companies offering insufficient protection at low prices. Important Tips Panoramic viewer of Trasco Bremen’s armoring. Key information about our armoring company. Check out some important tips and a technical outline of our processes. The whole cockpit is layered with the ballistic material more suited to each of the parts to be armored, in order to offer optimum protection affecting the least possible the original vehicle features. All original windows are replaced by composite ballistic glass layered with crystal and polymers which guarantee ballistic resistance and protect against spalling. Using state of the art materials, developed by the most well respected international suppliers, Trasco Bremen offers its clientes the perfect ballance between protection, performance and finish. All materials are exhaustingly tested in renowned laboratories – both in Brazil and abroad – assuring compliance to the most strict ballistic norms. The result is an armoring package that is safe, light and virtually unnoticeable, which guarantees your safety at the same time that respects the originality of your vehicle.. Apart from selecting the best materials, Trasco is also focused on standardizing its installation processes. Our technicians are trained and supervised by highly experienced engineers, which ensure that all the technology and care invested in each of Trasco’s projects will be replicated in your vehicle. Exactly the same way. Every time. Each vehicle armored by Trasco Bremen receives a serial number even before it enters our plant, thus respecting the confidentiality of the client´s information; as soon as it´s received, your vehicle will be inspected utilizing a customized check list, ensuring precise record keeping; each step of the armor installation process is carefully executed, checked and documented in the vehicle folder After concluding the process every vehicle undergoes exhaustive testing, which include: • meticulous visual inspection of the internal and external finish; • leak prevention test; • test drive, assuring that all unwanted noise has been removed – including both those that may have been caused by the armoring process as well as those that may have been present in the original base unit. We at Trasco Bremen are committed that your experience with our vehicles be 100% satisfactory. Today and tomorrow. With that in mind we offer a comprehensive warranty against fabrication defects in materials, assembly and labor during 5 years for the vehicle’s first owner, counted from the date your armored vehicle is delivered to you. Choosing Überarmor, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that the whole armoring package, including its most important component, the windows – is guaranteed for this extended period of time against delamination. We offer service in our São Paulo plant, offering maintenance not only to Trasco armored vehicles, but also to other brands of armoring. Our technicians will be happy to assist you and you will be able to experience first hand the quality, finish and safety that sets us apart from the pack. Aligned with our customer service philosophy, our Service Department is uncomplicated and efficient. You can used when you need, with no need for long waits for booking, and will receive your serviced vehicle back in record time. 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